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Sorry for the lack of updates

Date: 03/20/17 Time: 2:11 AM
Work was so exhausting last week because I worked all nights in a row. This week I am barely scheduled any hours because I put in my two weeks and am switching to another Subway closer to my house. The one I currently work at is 17 minutes from my house but I still don't have my own vehicle so I'd rather work at a place within walking distance just in case I can't find a ride. I really need to buy a 2 liter bottle of soda or something so I can do that dime challenge thing.
Also I currently have two orders in progress for my webstore and I am slowly getting those done. Currently webstore is closed until I get both orders done. Thanks for understanding ♥ M

Happy New Year!

Hope every is having or had a wonderful New Year's! Mine was kind of suckish since I usually get depressed around the holidays. I plan on updating soon but wanted to put up this new layout I ordered from Kecia using a $5 credit I won to her webstore from the giftmas she and Sandra hosted. Such wonderful ladies ♥ M

Happy Holidays!

First off, I want to thank Kecia for making me this extremely lovely layout! Second, winter and christmas content pages are currently live. There isn't much content on the pages but I at least wanted to get the pages up. I will add as I make things, so there definitely will be more things added ♥ M


Okay so I lost the previous blogs I made. So here is a new one. Finally opening after I don't know how long. Hope you enjoy the little updates. Sorry I didn't update much but I am open again. Comment the c-box with updates you'd like to see. ♥ M