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06/24/16: 3 zoe cutouts
06/22/16: 1 summer cutout
06/22/16: 2 kaylee cutouts
06/17/16: summer content is live
05/26/16: 2 laura cutouts
05/18/16: 1 elaina cutout
05/17/16: 2 chelly cutouts
05/15/16: 2 kaylee cutouts
05/15/16: 3 gina cutouts
05/09/16: 10 tumblr girl avatars
04/30/16: 2 jaslyn cutouts
04/28/16: 1 kaylee cutout
04/28/16: 2 julia cutouts
04/19/16: 3 laura cutouts
04/19/16: 14 background psds
04/19/16: 4 deco psds


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Okay so I lost the previous blogs I made. So here is a new one. Finally opening after I don't know how long. Hope you enjoy the little updates. Sorry I didn't update much but I am open again. Comment the c-box with updates you'd like to see.